Laboratory Equipment

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Romer Series II® Mill 6

10002523 Series II® Mill, 115V
10002525 Series II® Mill, 230V, American Plug
10002527 Series II® Mill, 230V, European Plug

The patented Romer Series II® Mill can prepare a representative sample quickly and easily. A 2 lb. (1 kg) sample of corn can be ground and subsampled within 1 to 2 minutes. This mill simultaneously grinds and splits the samples and is the only mill available that combines these two steps into one piece of equipment. The Series II® Mill is USDA/GIPSA-approved and is used mainly for grains.

RAS® (Romer Analytical Sampling) Mill 6

10002516 RAS® Mill, 115V
10002521 RAS® Mill, 230V

The RAS® Mill has been specifically developed for products that are difficult to grind due to high moisture and/or high oil content. Among these products are pet foods, wet maize, nuts and canola. A 2 lb. (1 kg) sample of corn can be ground and subsampled in 1 minute. The moving parts are made of stainless steel and flashed chrome for food safety analyses. The RAS® Mill is ideal for use in all labs where grinding and subsampling is essential, from pesticide to mycotoxin testing procedures.


StatFax® ELISA Reader (Awareness Technology, Inc.)
10002756 Stat Fax® 4700 ELISA Reader (405, 450, 492, 630 nm)

The StatFax® ELISA Reader is a microstrip reader intended for in-vitro diagnostic use. It is a compact, microprocessor- controlled, photometer system designed to read and calculate the results of endpoint colorimetric assays, which are read in microtiter strips. All AgraQuant® ELISA test kits featuring breakaway strips can be read by a Statfax® ELISA Reader.

BioTek 800 TS UV Reader (BioTek® Instruments Inc.)

10002740 BioTek® 800TS Reader incl. Gen5 SW (405, 450, 490 and 630 nm)
10002741 Biotek® 800TS Reader (405, 450, 490 and 630 nm)

The 800 TS is a compact microplate reader that measures in the visible range.

ChroMate® ELISA Reader (Awareness Technology, Inc.)

10002699 ChroMate® ELISA Reader

The ChroMate® ELISA Reader is a compact and economical 8-channel microplate reader, intended for in-vitro diagnostic use. It reads a 96 well plate in 12 seconds and comes with versatile and flexible software. All AgraQuant® ELISA test kits can be read with the ChroMate® ELISA Reader.

Item No. Description


10002418 AgraVision™ Reader with Printer, Mycotoxin and GMO Tray
10002421 AgraVision™ Reader with Mycotoxin Tray
10002425 AgraVision™ Reader Set-Up with Printer, Mycotoxin Tray and Incubator

The AgraVision™ reader is a handheld lateral flow device reader used for the quantification of AgraStrip® mycotoxin and GMO products. It measures the intensity of the test line on the AgraStrip® and can read up to two mycotoxin strips or 4 GMO strips simultaneously. With the optional AgraVision™ printer, strip test results can easily be stored for hard copy documentation.

AgraStrip® Incubator

10002433 AgraStrip® Incubator with Heat Block and Tweezer

The Romer Labs AgraStrip® Incubator is used for the test procedure of AgraStrip® Mycotoxin Quantitative Test kits and contains a thermostat and timer alarm. The heater temperature setting by default is 35 °C and the settable range is 0 – 50 °C. Warm-up time is about 20 minutes. Furthermore, the timer alarm can be set for 0 to 90 minutes.

Romer Evap® System

10002546 Romer Evap® System, 12 Port, small, 115V
10002549 Romer Evap® System, 12 Port, large, 115V
10002550 Romer Evap® System, 24 Port, small, 115V
10002553 Romer Evap® System, 24 Port, large, 115V
10002547 Romer Evap® System, 12 Port, small, 230V
10002548 Romer Evap® System, 12 Port, large, 230V
10002551 Romer Evap® System, 24 Port, small, 230V
10002552 Romer Evap® System, 24 Port, large, 230V

The Romer Evap® is a versatile easy-to-use system that rapidly evaporates common organic solvents. Among the many features of the Romer Evap® System are the stainless steel design and solvent-resistant tubing. The system can be customized for either 12- or 24-port evaporation. Each row of ports can be separately controlled to regulate the amount of vacuum or may be completely shut off when not in use. The Romer Evap® System includes a 12- or 24-port evaporator, dry bath and vacuum pump.

TLC Autospotter™

10002529 TLC Autospotter™, 115V
10002538 TLC Autospotter™, 230V

The Romer Labs TLC AutoSpotter™ reduces the time traditionally associated with TLC applications. It allows accurate dispensing of contents of a 100 µl syringe within 3 minutes and assures tight uniform spots for accurate test results. The AutoSpotter is equipped with eighteen channels for maximum testing capabilities. Special features and calibrated controls provide accurate, reproducible results every time.


10002724 Romer® Derivatization Unit

The Romer® Derivatization Unit (RDU™) is a photochemical post-column derivatization for the determination of aflatoxins by HPLC-FLD. For sensitive determination of aflatoxins, the aflatoxins B1 and G1 must be derivatized in order to enhance their natural fluorescence. This is done photochemically by irradiation with UV light at 254 nm with the RDU™. The method performance is equivalent to an electrochemical derivatization (e.g. Kobra Cell) as shown in the literature. Addtionally, by using the RDU™ there is no need for additional purging and the lifetime of the HPLC system is increased because the RDU™ doesn’t require any aggressive reagents to be added to the mobile phase, as this is the case for electrochemical methods.

Romer® Cell

10002778 Romer® Cell

The unit enables electrochemical post-column derivatization for the determination of aflatoxins by HPLC-FLD.

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